It’s a start

Remember how I said I was going to start purging my house and making it into a more liveable, organised and just all round lovely space? Well it has begun! Yesterday I decided to tackle the boys room, not only by tidying but I gave the whole thing a new look, I moved beds and drawers. I put their bookcase on top of there drawers (which is screwed to the wall) Then it was time for the goodstuff! Something that has been massively irritating me about the boys room was the books. They just had some many some of them from when Ky was baby that were just a sad mess and they just needed sorting. After seeing Merry from Patch of Puddles post. I was inspired, I though you know what Hannah! We’re going to sort this (I realise I am talking about myself in third person and I am okay with it) And that is what I did. I sorted it 2 bags of books later and their bookcase is presentable and useable! yay! The boys room is lovely now.. but the toys and clothes still need sorting, maybe another day ey! :)


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Hannah Clementson is a mother of 2 beautiful boys K and J, She loves every fashion and home orientated and likes nothing more than to sit and have a good blogging and social media session! Lifestyle, Fashion, Home <3
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  1. sarahmumof3 says:

    there is something nice about a tidy bookcase… i go from swings to roundabouts with the kids bookcase and sometimes it lovely others its full of everything except books, it currently is a sorry state and i really would like to sort it…

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